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Procurement of affordable aggregates is what we do best! We take pride in serving Texas with safe and reliable delivery of aggregate materials such as sand and gravel, rock, dirt, and more. Contractors with residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and institutional projects pick J/M Materials for all their aggregate hauling needs.

Who We Are

We focus intently on effective communication, while collaborating with our customers to exceed their expectations and provide aggregates Texas can be proud of. As an industry leader, our goal is to partner for success by leading with humility while drawing on experience and expertise. We are focused on the long-term by investing in the short-term.

Our Services

J/M Materials is the #1 rock hauler, sand hauler, and aggregate supplier in North Texas. When it comes to aggregate trucking, we go the extra mile to help you complete your next project with timely service.

Materials We Provide

Looking for limestone, granite aggregates, or recycled concrete? We have ample resources to supply these, along with other gravel and sand, topsoil, clean dirt, fill dirt, and many other rock products. Click below to see more of our materials.

Partnering for Success

At J/M Materials, we know that forming long lasting relationships are key in building successful partnerships. We focus on open and effective communication and commit to working together to overcome industry challenges. We take pride in growing together with our customers and expanding the communities we live in.

Why Do Texans Choose JM Materials?

The Best Rated Aggregate Supplier DFW – Let’s build success together!

With well over 60 years of combined experience in aggregate hauling, we are experts in the industry with a continued dedication to learning. We strive to provide new insights through the use of cutting edge technology to North Texas contractors looking for quality aggregates. When you choose J/M to haul gravel, sand, or other rock products, you can count on the best team of employees and owner operators that the industry has to offer. 


Keeping plans on schedule is imperative to the success of the project. We know how one missed deadline creates a domino effect on each step of your timeline. When you choose JM Materials, we deliver peace of mind with every timely, punctual, and safe aggregate delivery.


With well over 60 years of combined sand and gravel hauling experience, our team stands prepared to take your project to the next level. We aim to alleviate the pressures you face on-site, ensuring a smoother, more efficient operation. With our support, you can focus on the core functions of your project, while we handle the complexities.

5-Star Customer Service

The success of your project is top-of-mind for us. Picking J/M means you get a you-first team on your side who can help you discover what rock product is best for your needs. Read our reviews to find out why others rate us as the best aggregate company in Texas!

Commercial Truck Drivers Opportunities

Are you a North Texas Truck Driver with a current CDL looking for new work opportunities in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex? J/M Materials hires only the best rock-hauling and aggregate transportation drivers, and we want to add more truck drivers to our team! If that interests you, please follow the link below to apply to become a part of the J/M Materials trucking team today!

Owner-Operator Partnerships with JM Materials

If you own a rock hauler truck in the DFW area and want to work for the best rock product company in Texas, we invite you to apply with us today! We value safety and experience when looking for North Texas owner-operators and have a growing demand and mission to serve our state! We are always looking to add rock truck drivers to our fleet to support our continued growth, so follow the link below to apply and become a part of the J/M owner-operator team!

Our Aggregate Material Products

Quality Aggregates for Your Next Project

J/M Materials is your ultimate destination for all of your material needs. Our supply includes a wide variety of rock products such as gravel, granite, recycled concrete, and limestone. We also offer a vast selection of small particulate aggregate materials like sand, clean dirt, fill dirt, topsoil, and pea gravel. We utilize the best resources for quality aggregates to ensure the success of any construction or landscaping project.

Overview of J/M’s Core Products

1” utility, ⅜” embedment, flexbase, cushion sand, topsoil, select fill, gabion (various sizes), rip rap (various sizes). Cement treated sand & cement treated base. *Categories: Flexbase, Utility Products, Sand & Dirt Products, Recycled Concrete Materials, Gabion and Rip Rap, Cement Treated Products, & Landscape Products.

Crushed Concrete

As a recycled material, crushed concrete and rock is a great option for your project. Tasks like trench fills, backfills, over-site fills, and more can benefit from our granular sub-base. We source and deliver pea gravel, Type 1 crushed concrete of all sizes, 6F2 crushed concrete, Type 3 crushed concrete, oversized clean crushed concrete, tarmac planings (screened and unscreened types), gabion fill granite, and more. For more options, call JM Materials to find the best crushed concrete option.


We source several unique types of sand for every project. We provide sharp sand, building sand, washed and recycled sharp sand, soft-washed sand, reject sand, concrete sand, and even play sand should your project call for it. Or, if you need mason sand, plaster sand, fill sand, or PG&E sand, check out our products further to find the perfect construction sand.


This is a native general-purpose sand that is commonly used for underground utilities for backfilling trenches in water, sewer and storm drains. This material is also used as a base for grading under an area for concrete work.

Type 1 MOT

Looking for trench fill, backfill, or sub-base? We have what you need. JM sources the best Type 1 MOT DFW has to offer. This granular sub-base (composed of rock, granite, gritstone, and other inert material) comes in many options: limestone, Type 1 crushed concrete, Type 1 crushed hardcore, Type 3 granite, and several other granite and gabion fill granite options. For an exhaustive list, call our team of construction aggregate supply professionals today!


The topsoil we source is nutrient-rich, contaminant-free, and perfect for any project that calls for high-grade topsoil in DFW or the surrounding areas. JM Materials offers several topsoil choices, such as standard topsoil (20mm), premium topsoil (10mm), turfing soil (10mm), horticultural grit 0-4mm, enriched topsoil (mix), mulch compost (30mm), and compost peat-free (10mm soil conditioner).


Of the products we supply, ballast is the coarsest in our aggregate materials repertoire. Composed of crushed stone, ballast often contains a mix of materials, some less desirable than others, such as burnt clay. Among many applications, ballast is great for creating concrete mixes, packing gaps, and creating well-trodden paths. JM Materials supplies 0-10mm ballast, 0-20mm ballast, 20mm screened ballast, recycled 20mm screened ballast, and more ballast products for DFW contractors. Call today to find out what else we can supply for your North Texas ballast needs.

Our Service Equipment

Dump Trailers: Double Bottoms

Double-bottom dump trailers are two connected trailers that release their load from the bottom instead of tipping it out of one end like a traditional dump trailer would. These unique trailers feature funnel-shaped bottoms allowing for a ‘dump” through the bottom in a highly precise line. Trailer types like these can haul roughly 23-26 tons of aggregate materials to the job site.

Dump Trailers: Transfers

Some job sites require special equipment to get the job done. When required, our team may deploy a transfer trailer that acts similarly to a pup trailer. Our team will make sure the perfect dump equipment is sent to your job site so delivery is as smooth as possible.

Dump Trailers: Super Dumps

A super dump truck is very similar to a traditional dump truck, with the major exception being its ability to maneuver a job site. The agility of these super dumps beats that of a short-wheelbase tandem truck while maximizing the amount of deliverable products since it can carry more weight and still be in compliance with DOT.

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Proudly Serving North Texas

Renowned in DFW for quality aggregate procurement and exceptional customer service, J/M Materials is passionate about serving the communities where we do business. As far north as the Oklahoma border; down south to Waco; westward to Graham; all the way east to Tyler: we serve a wide geographical area.

No matter what your next project requires, from sand and gravel, crushed rock, clean dirt, and much more, JM Materials has the aggregate material hauling solutions to take your project to the next level!